All Matters of US Taxation 

1.Foreign Nationals :

A.US ITIN application (e.g. Withholding Income from US business, Rental, Sold US real  
    property, claim tax refund or filing US nonresident individual tax return)
B.US Income tax return preparation-1040NR (Like rental income, K1, Sch C, W2, 1042s,                 Disposition of Real Property in US)
C.Reducing Withholding Cerrtificate application-8288B 
2. Green Card Holders and American Expats:
A. US Income tax return preparation (e.g. form 2555, form 1116, form 8938, form 5471 ect.)
B. FinCEN 114 preparation(FBAR compliance)
C.High Net Worth Complex US Taxes Preparation (Income, Gift, Estate)
3.Tax Consulting & planning (e.g. for US Immigrant families, American Expats working 
     outside US, Investing in US etc.)
4. Tax Representations

1.Corporate Tax  
2.Partnership Tax
3.US Accounting Service
4.Business Formation & EIN Application
4.Consulting & Tax Planning


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